June 14, 2011

Wait Until Adam Comes - Not!

A refrain sometimes heard around this house is "Wait till Adam comes" - especially if the subject of conversation is the connection of an audio receiver to a digital box to a VCR to a....
Or figuring out a small but very annoying computer software problem or program conflict
Or trying to attach something that requires not just skill but skill and great height
However, some things just have to be done before he arrives - like the Pretty Bed With Pink Rails Assembly:

Stage 1: Connecting the framework - piece of cake

Stage 2: Covering framework with soft, plush, pink fabric and mesh - a cake walk

Stage 3:  Hey, this is actually fun. Just jump down on the instruction page to where two rails are attached to bed instead of one...

Stage 4: What the??????   This is a simple project. This is not rocket science. Just because the instructions say to rotate the 3-way connector and attach the straps of both rails, which then appears to place the mattress anchor at right angles to the bed instead of at the edge between the box spring and mattress...  This is simply a perception problem. A very small problem of perception. We WILL NOT wait for Adam. We WILL figure this out.


Adopamop said...

Just how many various tools, rescue disks, blueprints, do I need to be provisioning for this list that awaits?!?

Rosie Beaucoup said...

Hmmmm... a master disk should be the only thing you need to pack besides Noisy Nora - as we will need something to read while you are on the roof.