June 26, 2011

It's Beginning To Look Like A Princess Will Visit Here!

And, no, not Kate Middleton - though she arrives in Canada three days before our French princess. My, but I love that woman's wardrobe! What wealth, beauty, a lean physique, and exquisite taste in clothes can do for a gal!

We are in Phase Three of the Preparing The Pink Princess Room

Gauzy curtains from Ikea in Toronto and a beautiful pink flowered duvet cover and pillow cases

Some toys at the foot of the bed

A patient teddy waiting to go for a walk in his stroller.

Dolly waiting to be fed.

And on the window sills - pink violets:
The African Violets I purchased at last year's violet shows are coming into bloom now. This gorgeous hybrid is called Smooch Me.

Sometimes hybrids can be a bit unstable and revert to a parent base. This is Suncoast Paisley Print, which right now is showing pink blossoms with tiny purple speckles, purple blossoms, and pink with large purple splotches.

It actually should be uniformly pink with purple speckles. It has always been one of my favourite violets.

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