December 21, 2014

Such A Great Gift For A Knitter

Last week, I opened an envelope, knowing the Christmas card would be lovely because it was from Melissa in Toronto. And tucked inside was:

This little antique is as practical today as it was in wartime. How many of us sit with a notepad beside our work, making check marks in columns when we do x number of increases or decreases on x number rows!! This heavy cardboard gadget keeps track of them all and has a needle sizer off to the side.
Thanks, Melissa, for such a a thoughtful gift. When I use it, I will be able to imagine that I am "knittin' for Britain"!

December 04, 2014

A December Sunday in Mahone Bay

Even though we are always particularly busy at this time of year, we can never resist putting our chore list aside and driving to Mahone Bay for their annual Father Christmas Festival.

Always, always, the first stop in town is Have A Yarn and, lo and behold, inside the yarn store, there was Father Christmas himself. And how he suited the surrounds!

The baskets and bins were filled to the brim with lovely yarns.

I picked up some Sweet Fiber Cashmerino Worsted. Angela  showed me a hat she is knitting with it - luscious stuff.  I'm going to use my skein to knit a hat as well.

There are always so many items on display that an hour of gazing, questioning, touching, and referencing can easily slip by. I find it most helpful to see the patterns done up. I often overlook those patterns whose photos are not particularly inspiring but when I see them knit up in the shop, I appreciate them so much more. And it showcases the yarns as well.
Gifts and gift ideas...
It may be dull and grey outside, but the shop is warm and inviting there is always a temptation to just settle in a chair and knit away!
Down the street, a piper Santa.
Another way to get around town...

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