September 07, 2016

The Last Days of Summer

The anemones in bloom signal the last days of summer.

The roses in this province will stalwartly soldier on well into October.

And the bee balm keep the bees buzzing well into September

Heading Back To The Weekly Needlework Group

One surefire indication that fall is around the corner is the start up of the needlework group after a long summer break. And this fall, I have a stunning new tote to carry my supplies to and fro.
Our French Mermaid, Isabelle, bought this Linvosges bag for me on their summer vacation. 

 Isabelle says:
"The area in France where linens were traditionally produced is les Vosges. That's a mountain name and also a département. Linvosges is based in the main city, Gérardmer (do not pronounce the D and mer is pronounced like May), which also features cross country skiing and a very nice lake. There are still a few linen company headquarters and outlets there. I don't know why les Vosges is the main place for linen production. Maybe the know how was there, maybe they had the right crops for it? I read something about laying the fabric in the sun in the fields to help it become very white."

 My fall projects include a Sweet Peasy cardigan for Lucy, a hat/mitten scarf set for Apolline, a hat/glove/scarf set for Lucy, a hat and mittens for Little Bear, socks for friends, the September Morn pullover for me, and a couple pair of fair isle mittens. Yikes! I had better get to it.