May 02, 2016

Sunday Celebration With Movita

Today is Rachael's (aka Movita's) birthday. But since it is a working day, we celebrated yesterday.
It started at noon at Cha Baa Thai, on Queen Street in Halifax, and one of those restaurant meals during which you don't regret a single menu choice.
Then we headed home for birthday cake. Now, here's where it potentially could get difficult. Movita The Cake Maker, creator of such memorable masterpieces as:
always, for her birthday, asks for a bulk produced supermarket pound cake with icky, cardboardy icing.
Well, it is her birthday. And she should have the birthday cake she wants most. So we bought her a supermarket cake. And carefully packed it in a carton for her to take home and enjoy on her actual birthday. A Gawd awful supermarket pound cake with chocolate icing, four unnaturally brilliant blue icing globs "decorating" each corner, and "Happy Birthday Rachael" written in brilliant yellow. (The lovely man in the supermarket bakery department asked me what color I would prefer for the script - a blue that didn't match the blue globs, bright red, or bright yellow? I floundered. "Well", I responded weakly, "you have a better eye for these things. What do you think?" He thought yellow. So yellow it was. Very, very bright yellow).
And, today, we sat down to eat a light, airy, Angel food cake with fresh strawberries and whipping cream.
After dessert, we drove along the Peggy's Cove Road to a little antique/beach décor shop where we discovered, for Rachael, a small, square platinum metal table with a mirrored top and mirrored bottom shelf. A perfect little piece to use as a side table in the living room, a bedside table in a small bedroom where space is at a premium, or to lighten the dark corner in a dining room etc. Total cost for this charming find: $22.00!!
Then on to Boutilier's Cove, one of our favourite vistas heading down the coastline.

Happy Birthday, Rachael. May the year ahead be filled with sunlight, ocean spray, and all that you hold dear.