June 20, 2011

A Trip To Toronto

Movita and I are visiting Movita's Sister in Toronto. Now, unlike Nova Scotia, it is really summer in Ontario and we have basked in more sun in a few days here than in the past two months in our own home province.

We've been shopping, gardening, connecting with friends, and eating out. Our first restaurant stop was on the way home from the airport - Pho Hung, a Vietnamese restaurant near and dear to Movita's heart. It seemed mean spirited to make her wait a moment longer for her favorite dish - No 16 on the menu.

No. 16

Our first evening meal out was with Ra, an old friend of Movita and the entire family. She took us to a wonderful Chinese Restaurant, The Pearl Harbourfront. We sat by one of the huge windows and watched the sailboats, yachts, tour boats, and ferries go by on Lake Ontario. The food was great and it was so nice to sit and talk with Ra again. Afterwards, she showed us her lovely condo with a sun room where she can sit, read, and enjoy the water views.

Because I was given a stack of Romni Wools gift certificates for Christmas, our first shopping trip was to Queen Street West to surely one of the largest wool inventories in Canada!

This is only one section of the main floor of yarn shop AND the entire basement is full of yarn at discount prices. Now while this should be a knitter's dream come true, it was very hot in the store and the sheer volume of fibers was so mind boggling that even with a list, it was hard to focus and make the right decisions. In fact, it took two trips to the store to use up the gift cards.

Left to Right: Zephyr Lace by Fantastic Knitting (mahogany), Lana Grossa Meilenweit sock yarn ((2504), Zarina merino (1935), Austermann Step sock yarn (1020), and luscious Malabrigo Sock Yarn (Ravelry Red).

We met up with Melissa, an old friend of Movita's Sister and the entire family. Melissa is a firecracker and our Pilates Princess. She took us to her favourite El Salvadoran restaurant, a tiny corner place on Bloor Street called Tacos El Asador. The meals are mostly of the hand held variety, messy but delicious, and the staff are warm and work hard to provide great customer service.

Beef Enchiladas with Guacamole and Taco Chips

Yesterday was the warmest day so far.  28 degrees Celsius seems hotter in a large city than it does in the countryside. We spent part of the afternoon in that section of Toronto known as The Beaches - a curious waterfront combination of expensive urban housing, boutiques, eateries, and gourmet food shops with Coney Island style crowds in their beach wear strolling the streets.

Sir Lucas went for a swim but unlike our retrievers, Annie and Lucy, he only goes in the water so as not to lose face. He can't dog paddle worth beans.

Last evening, we went to a Greek restaurant, Ouzeri, on the Danforth. Good restaurant with lots of character, comfortable, with great service, an extensive menu, and good food. And judging by the crowd, a local favourite.

Grouper fish with shrimp and scallops

We were in Little Italy this evening to have dinner at Bar Italia. This was the last of a three day fesitval and a section of College Street was closed to traffic.

Street dancing in Little Italy

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