June 28, 2011

A New Rose

There are two downsides to a woodland garden. Growing anything edible attracts wildlife so no berries, no vegetables, no fruit. There isn't any point in planting a crop and spending the growing season fending off our woodland neighbours. Herbs are okay. They don't tempt the palates of deer, rabbits, squirrels, racoons, and the rest of the forest family.Hard to imagine how any living thing could resist the flavor of rosemary, cilantro, thyme, fresh basil...
The other downside is that the forest canopy overhead doesn't allow enough direct sun for a sufficient period of time in most parts of the garden for roses to grow well. So when something dies in one of the few really sunny spots, there's a chance to plant another rose!
Over the last couple of weeks, a small evergreen - a Chamaecyparis obtusa nana - turned rusty red after appearing to be in perfect health for the last few years. When there was little green foliage remaining, I dug and hacked and pried it out of its somewhat sunny spot in a front border and set off to the garden centre to look at roses.
I discovered a relatively new series of hardy roses on the market called Easy Elegance. They all appeared to be strong, healthy, glossy leaved, and in full bloom. I chose one that has little fragrance but blooms all summer long:

All The Rage Rose

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