June 07, 2011

A Pink Bedroom For Little French Girls

The Great Pink Bedroom Makeover started today. It is about four weeks before one of the little girls arrives from France and this room is going to be transformed into a child's retreat that is delightful and comfortable, airy and pretty, and, hopefully, a little magical.

Phase One:
The botanical and other prints came down from the walls and were replaced with illustrations from Beatrix Potter's children's books.

Guest novels were removed from the bedside table and replaced with such memorable volumes as The Forgetful Bears, Bunnykins, Small Pig, Bullfrog Grows Up, Sylvia Plath's Bedtime book ("Not just a white little, tuck-in-tight little, nighty-night little bed but instead...") and

Autographed by the author and personally hand delivered to Nova Scotia by little French Girls' editor Auntie!


Phase Two will include pretty pink, white, and green bed linen, pretty pink bed rails, a dollhouse (Movita all but gasped when she saw it today. Okay - it has lights that go on at night! They don't call us Grand Parents for nothing...), teddy friends, and a basket of balls. Oh, the next few weeks will be busy ones.

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