May 29, 2011

Sleep, Isabella, Sleep

We found this absolutely marvelous planter at Oceanview Garden Centre in Chester this afternoon. I've named her Isabella.
Queen Isabella of France married Edward II, King of England. So now the family has more than one Isabelle uniting two cultures.

She is the perfect size for herbs so I planted her with rosemary - for remembrance.

In Ronce les Bains, France, there is a house a couple of streets up from the sea with beautiful Monet blue planters on the steps going up to the front door. Those pots made such an impression on me that I have been looking for them ever since. This one comes close. I've put it beside a Japanese maple and planted it with Hakonechloa macra Aureola - Golden Japanese Forest Grass.

Blue Brunnera Jack Frost

And a blue glass ball for the garden.

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