May 03, 2011

My Sister's Birthday

Did I say April was a busy month for special occasions? Well, May starts off with a bang. May 1st is Auntie Diane's birthday. May 2nd is Movita's. And May 3rd is my sister Heather's.

Heather and I spent our formative years at the tail end of a family of seven children in the north end of Halifax when the north end seemed more like a Norman Rockwell neighborhood.

She is five years older than me and when she told me solemnly that I would be kicked out of school in grade primary as soon as they discovered I couldn't cut straight with scissors, I believed her. I spent my first few weeks at school in agony - convinced that I would be shown the door at any moment.

Like all little sisters, I always wanted to tag along with her and, like all little sisters, was never allowed. But I learned a lot about 45 rpm records, movie star magazines and fan clubs, Johnny Cash, Chubby Checker, Bobby Darin, and Frankie Avalon from the sidelines!

I have always admired and envied her free flowing sense of camaraderie. Her husband told me once that she was a social butterfly in that she could go into any situation and come out with a new friend.

We have found in recent years that despite living seemingly forever on opposite coasts of this great country, we have more in common all the time.

Except - damn it- I still cannot cut straight with scissors.

Happy Birthday, Heather. You look as good now as you did back then.

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Susan Little, DVM said...

What a great photo!