May 13, 2011

Pretty In Pink

I have not purchased yarn in many weeks. I was determined after Christmas to make good use of the supply in the yarn drawer and, besides, The Girls 1.0 had given me a stack of gift certificates for Romni Wools in Toronto. I probably won't get to the Centre of Canada until June but what a wonderful time I will have in that store (two levels with a mind boggling inventory) when I arrive.

So I have spent the winter and very early spring dutifully  knitting from my yarn stash. Now I am celebrating the late arrival of spring (albeit a grey and wet one) with the purchase of two beautiful skeins of Hand Maiden Sea Silk - one of my favorite yarns.

There is some irony in ordering a Nova Scotia yarn from an online store in Oregon and having it shipped all the way back across the continent. But Color Song is the only store I know of that carries the limited edition solid colors of Hand Maiden Sea Silk. Their customer service is excellent and they ship worldwide for free!

Hand Maiden Sea Silk - Honeysuckle

Hand Maiden Sea Silk - Silver Peony

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Anonymous said...

Oh, so pretty!