May 02, 2011

Happy Birthday Movita Beaucraft

We celebrated Movita's birthday yesterday by helping Movita and 2.0 sow their first vegetable garden. Planting always seems to me to be a perfect way to celebrate just about anything as it symbolizes hope and renewal. Later in the day, Movita served possibly the best soup I have ever tasted - a carrot ginger in pretty blue ramekins - followed by a Thai beef rice noodle entree.

We had birthday cake, of course, for dessert. Now Movita loves Superstore cake. She would much prefer a Superstore cake to a homemade cake on her birthday. This puzzles and confuses us.  At the bakery counter in Superstore, we became increasingly dismayed at the amount of food dyes used in the perfectly God awful icing decorations on the top of the precooked and mass produced cakes that Movita holds so dear (vanilla cake with white icing and colored decorations). We kept moving helplessly from one end of the display case to the other, bewildered as to how to choose between either virulent red roses with brilliant Kelly green leaves or blindingly yellow blossoms or, possibly, the brightest turquoise ever produced in frosting form.

When I asked the bakery worker if we could get one decorated with all white icing, (perhaps subconsciously thinking of Kate and Wills and their magnificently tasteful wedding cake), she stared at some point beyond my right shoulder and said "Yeah - in two weeks."

Finally, we asked her to pack up the Oreo Special, which seemed to us to be the lesser of all the store-bought evils, but by the time we arrived home, I felt as though we had betrayed Movita's trust and called 2.0 with the confession. Always kind and considerate, he assured us that he could supply one of the more  "Movita ones" on her actual birthday today.

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movita said...

Oh, Mummy, any birthday with The Beaucoups by my side is bound to be perfect...