May 08, 2011

Rocky Road

2.0 has had a hard week. His cat was booked for dental surgery and no amount of reassurance could convince 2.0 that a feline built like a Sherman tank, with a disposition somewhat akin to a disgruntled, constipated warlord would come out of the experience hardly the worse for wear. She did and we celebrated with the kind of dessert so dear to 2.0's heart.

I had my doubts while putting this concoction together. In fact, just working with the ingredients - a layer of chocolate wafer crumbs, followed by layers of chocolate ice cream,  Lindt chocolate melted in cream, marshmallows melted in cream, and toasted walnuts - produced symptoms strikingly similar to Type 2 diabetes. And there's an added pressure when making a meal these days. Movita has become a tough act to follow. She has gone from browsing my collection of family recipes to researching her own and raising the bar higher and higher.

But even though I had convinced myself that it was possibly going to be one of the most ghastly desserts ever produced in the Granite Kitchen, it really wasn't all that bad. However, after partaking in such an intense flavour experience, I will be happy finishing my meals with fresh fruit for the next few weeks!

Rocky Road Sundae Pie

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Anonymous said...

We just ate the last of this last night. It was AWESOME.