January 13, 2011

The Two Lucys

Dear Lucy Darling,

Yesterday, when I talked to you on the phone, I told you that it was snowing lots and lots here in Canada and that today, we would make a snowman (or two!) and send you pictures.
This morning, I put on my jacket and boots and scarf and mittens. I filled a bag with two carrots for two noses, some brown knobs for eyes, and two scarves to keep the snowmen warm. But when I went outside, I found the snow was too fluffy to make snowmen. It wouldn't stick together and roll into balls. It just kept falling off my mittens.
Maybe it will be better tomorrow. I'll try again then. So instead of making snowmen today, I took  pictures of Lucy Dog playing outside in the back yard.
We think we are very lucky to have two Lucys. We have Lucy Darling in France and we have Lucy Dog at home in Canada.

Lucy Dog wishes that you and Apolline were here to play in the snow with her

And someone else wishes you were here to help shovel all the snow! Can you guess who that is??

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movita said...

Is Lucy wearing a scarf? Man. She's dressing better than I am these days...