January 09, 2011

A Second Cabled Rangoli Hat

Pattern: Cabled Rangoli Hat
Designer: Desi Knitter
Yarn: Cascade 220
Color: 9452
Needles: Circular - 3.75 mm. and 4.0 mm

I started this second Rangoli hat in France. Despite the fact that the pattern is well written, logical, and error-free, I made so many mistakes that I thought the yarn would be worn out before the project was finished! I finally had to set it aside until we returned home.
Since this is a snowy weekend, I put a pot roast on to simmer, picked up the hat again, and finished it with no difficulties. Though it looks like a beret when laid flat, it is actually cross between a seaman's cap and slouch hat. It fits beautifully, takes only one skein of worsted weight yarn,  and would look good in so many different colors.

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