January 06, 2011

Back In Canada

We arrived home last evening to find a layer of snow, a few centimeters deep, glowing in the moonlight. Today, the cases are unpacked, the laundry is processed, Lucy Dog is back home with us again, a dozen bran muffins are cooling on the counter, and I picked up my knitting needles once more to finish a sock that was started as our journey began.

Pattern: Show-Off Stranded Socks
Yarn: Enchanted Knoll Farm Superwash Sock
Color: Cornucopia
Needles: Circular, 2.25 mm.

As a Christmas gift, Adam picked out a truly wonderful red wine and paid more for that one bottle than most of us spend on wine in a month or two. I can find my way around white wines and there are many on my list that I enjoy. I have a much harder time finding just the right red. I suppose it is because red wines are more complex. This wine was so good that as soon as it reached the mouth, the palate recognized class and quality. One of the best reds I have tasted. If I could speak wine language, I could describe it properly.

As a souvenir of the experience, we saved the winery paper that was used to wrap the bottle.

Sophie gave us this plate, which is so quintessentially Parisian and French. It will be a lovely accent on the dinner table, which always seems to include something from France. In the meantime, it just seems to belong in the black cabinet.

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