January 20, 2011

On The Art Scene

We have never collected original art. As much as we appreciate and admire the pieces, it has always been far more practical to purchase prints and enjoy the artists' talent in that way. And over the years, we have collected many lovely prints and etchings from mostly Maritime artists like Lewis Smith, Susan Paterson, Anna Syperek, Vicki MacLean, and William Rogers.
So there was great excitement when we discovered a new French artist whose work, at least for the time being, is as affordable as it is vibrant and exciting. Like Cher, she goes by one name - Lucy.

Some of the work is more structured with firm outlines and color contained within. Yet even with the increased structure, the imagination and playfulness of the artist is evident.

Other pieces are more abstract and free flowing.

Along with continuing to collect the works of this talented Mademoiselle, we hope to act as her Canadian agent for many years to come.


Anonymous said...

I MUST have one of her pieces. DIVINE!

Brenda said...

I absolutely love the one with the rainbow rabbit!! All are beautiful - but bunnies are a favorite of mine.