March 04, 2012

Sunday Ramblings

I was drawn to this shop front, with its unique door art, in Talmont, France back in 2007. Little did I know, when I took the photo, that our own Movita would one day be entering the world of bread and pastry chefs.

The Little Fair Isle Hat is finished but not yet blocked. It is a sweet pattern. I think, though, that the stranding section would have looked better, with better stitch uniformity and definition, if the yarns had been more traditional wool - Jamieson, Jamieson and Smith, etc. They have what stranded knitters refer to as a "sticky" quality that helps bond the different color stitches as the color pattern evolves. Most of these yarns, however, are not superwash and I am reluctant to knit a baby garment that requires a busy Mum to hand wash.

We did a 6 kilometer hike of the Bedford/Sackville Greenway Connector Trail this morning - good exercise but not an aesthetically pleasing walk as a major highway is on one side of the trail and a military rifle range on the other.

And after the walk - dim sum!!

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