March 27, 2012

The Case of The Missing Sock

 2.0 is much perturbed because he is missing a sock - not just any sock - but a Mighty Fine Sock, hand knit just this past January with Lang Jawoll Solid navy sock yarn in the Thuja pattern.
2.0 loves his hand knitted socks and he is lamenting the loss.

Time Line:
The disappearance of the sock was first realized about a month ago at the end of a laundry cycle when only one navy hand knit sock came out with the rest of the load.

Supposed Scene of the Crime:
The laundry room

The Suspects:

Movita maintains the sock is simply caught up in a sheet or a towel, etc as 2.0 has a habit of mixing laundry loads and, one day, it will reappear.
2.0 protests that if the sock was simply attached to another item of laundry, it surely would have surfaced by now.

Is it possible Movita took the sock to teach 2.0 a lesson about proper laundry sorting??

Les Cats

Did the sock ever, in fact,  make it into the washing machine? Any one, or all three of these suspects, could have absconded with the sock - either during the transport of the laundry basket to the basement or before the sock was supposedly dropped into the bathroom laundry basket after a long day at work. Cats, after all, have been known to seek revenge when their owner is away from the house for any extended period of time.

Was it an Organized Crime with all three involved - The Furry Feline Gangstas?

And last but not least:
2.0 keeps trying to draw attention to the waste can that sits in the laundry room. His theory is that "someone" may have mistakenly dropped the sock into the waste can instead of the laundry hamper - a waste can that has a lid that requires opening by depressing the foot pedal -  allowing ample time for the dropee to consider the fact that it is, in fact, a waste can and not a laundry basket.

Was it 2.0 himself - angling for yet  another pair of socks...!!

1 comment:

movita beaucoup said...

1. I can't believe effie could play the piano as a kitten. I raise awesome cats.
2. LAUNDRY SHOULD BE SORTED. 2.0's sock is surely caught up in a sheet or something. But it's hard to know, as he washes sheets, towels, shorts, t-shirts, whites and darks all at the same time.
4. I don't think you should knit socks for people who just throw them away. I have all of the socks you have knit me. Neatly organized into pairs. And they are washed carefully in sorted laundry and then placed upon a drying rack so the dryer doesn't damage them. Just sayin'.
5. There's one other suspect: Haddy. She's been know to run off with all sorts of things... like my brush.