March 26, 2012

Knot Impressed!

Pre-Easter Dinner
(Photo Credit: Movita)

April Sock

Pattern: Simple K3, P1 ribbing
Yarn: Punta Merisock Hand Painted
Colour: 58
Needles: Circular - 2.25 mm

This is the first time I have used the Merisock yarn. The colours are rich and pleasing. The yarn has a lovely feel and it is pleasant to knit. However, I came upon two knots while working on the first sock. Most annoying! I feel that companies should stop the winding process and set aside that part skein and sell it at a discount as opposed to packaging it and requiring the knitter to tink back a row and have an unnecessary join (or two!) in the garment.
I had originally purchased the yarn with the view to making a scarf or cowl but decided it would make a lovely pair of socks. Because it only has 5% nylon, I knit a partridge eye heel flap for greater durability and added Lang reinforcing thread when doing the heel turn.

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