September 25, 2010

Stop Gap Decor

The renovation is finally finished - after a supposedly four day project extended past the second week. It could still be ongoing but Rosie Beaucoup's patience was at an absolute end and Rosie Beaucoup rolled up her sleeves, sanded the crackfill repair in the upstairs closet (where a hole had been made to get at the chimney), primed and painted the walls there and replaced the baseboards. Then Rosie Beaucoup sanded and finished the walls in the family room and sanded and refinished the hardwood floor. The renovation company, of course, still wants full payment for "their work".
Until we can find a  more contemporary chair with a fresher look, and small table for the area, Ol' Bess has been resurrected from the basement to fill the gap in the interim.

We did take a break from renovations on Monday evening to enjoy a casual Nova Scotia lobster supper with the Dunkleys, who stayed the night on their way back to Ontario - potato salad, cheese, bread, white wine, and just a whisper of crackfill dust!

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movita said...

Looks awesome!

(The reno AND the lobster.)