September 28, 2010

From The House At The Edge Of The Woods

Pattern: Montego Bay
Designer: Amy R. Singer
Yarn: Handmaiden Camelspin
Needles: Circular 5.5 mm.

Camelspin is a gorgeous yarn but with only 300 meters on a skein, pattern choice is limited. I am not fond of trying to knit alternately with two skeins of handpainted yarn so after holding on to the yarn for months and waiting for inspiration, I decided to make a second Montego Bay scarf.

  • The contracting company has reduced our bill after listening to our complaints. This helped a bit to renew our faith in human nature.

  • My sister and brother-in-law from Salt Spring Island, B.C. have just arrived in Nova Scotia. This sister is particularly forthright and fun. I look forward  to having a few laughs.

  • The cable man installed a digital cable box a few days ago as the company is offering a year of digital viewing for free. While there are dozens and dozens of sports channels to watch, the Book channel and possibly the Mystery channel are the only ones even mildly of interest among the seemingly hundreds offered! It does afford the opportunity to buy movies and programs via the remote control and watch them instantly. I think the better selection comes with the even more expensive upgrade to the HD packages. We'll see when the year is over.

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