February 04, 2010

Olympic Challenge

The Olympics are fast approaching and even though they are in Canada this year, I'm afraid I am as humbug about the Games as Scrooge was about Christmas. Corporate sponsorship, cities clamouring to host the event for less than altruistic purposes, drug use and abuse, greedy marketers, etc. have tainted, for me, the immense sense of national pride, motivation, and inspiration that used to capture the imagination in the days when we were all so much more innocent.
So, here, in the house by the woods, I am going to ignore the  upcoming, non-stop media coverage, set a couple of small personal goals, and try to accomplish something of value over that same period of time.
In the cardiac fitness category, I am going to be sure to do my minimum four mile daily trek, regardless of weather,  for each day of the Games. I have, by now, knit seven pairs of mittens - a different pair for each weekday of fitness walking. They're warm, colorful,  and have no corporate logo on them.

For the speed knitting category, I have gone through the yarn drawers and pulled out all the leftover bits and bobs of sock yarn that are similiar in fiber nature - Opal, Trekking, Regia, etc. I am going to spend winter Olympic evenings finding  a way to put the leftovers together to make a warm, comfy (albeit a little bit unusual) pair of socks! It will really be a design challenge but: Waste not. Want not.

I was inspired by the work of a fellow Raveler, Dawn, who has already done this and posted a  photo of the socks on her blog.

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