February 28, 2010

Making Progress

The Zara yarns give great stitch definition so it is a pleasure to watch this little cardigan emerge from the needles. We are expecting another wind and rain storm this afternoon (after going without power on and off for six hours just two days ago). I am content, however, to settle in my knitting corner by the window to work on Lillian's sweater, with a pot of seafood chowder on the stove, and the Canada/U.S.A. game set to begin.

The Olympics are winding down today. There have definitely been low points. While the purpose of the Games is to highlight the amount of hard work, skill, and determination it takes to achieve success, they should also demonstrate how the human spirit can work very hard to overcome great loss and disappointment and be gracious and generous in defeat. Team members glaring as they are presented with "only" silver medals, the elbowing of opponents on the ice racing tracks, or the President of a country packing up and going home when his team suffers defeat, do not demonstrate true Olympic spirit. And, of course, there was the terrible loss of an athlete's life before the Games were even officially underway. Despite all this, I think  this good and gentle nation was a kindly host and I hope we can be just as proud of the country after the Hockey Game, (win or lose), which starts in half an hour.

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