February 02, 2010

Scents of India

Dried chili peppers - Dried curry leaves - Atta Flour- Very Hot Chili Powder - Moong Dal - Masoor Dal - Cinnamon Bark

On Sunday, after an outing with Lucy in Point Pleasant Park, we stopped in at Indian Groceries on Robie Street in Halifax to pick up a couple of items. For me, it is always a learning experience. I am not shy about exposing gaps in my knowledge and sometimes use their black markers to make notes on the packages I purchase. There is a little nook in  the shop where you can squeeze in and look over a wide array of spices, lentils, dried beans, pastes, powders, etc. The aroma in that corner is heavenly - provided, that is,  the heavenly hosts enjoy cardamom, coriander, cumin, asafetida, a side of samosas, and Naan bread. I remarked on the amazing smells to the young man at the counter. He laughed and said that sometimes when he leaves the store after work and goes to friends' houses or to class, his friends will say that they can detect the aroma of the Indian spices on his clothing and they love it. He thought it would be brilliant to be able to capture the scent in a cologne and market it!

Working on Elizabeth Zimmerman's Baby Surprise Jacket this week. I must be one of the few hard core knitters out there who hasn't yet produced it! For me, it is an exercise in tackling the very unusual construction. The finished garment isn't going to be nearly as valuable as the learning experience.

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