November 13, 2009

Replacing Litigation Lane - Phase 2

If not from the ashes of Litigation Lane, then at least from the dust, there emerges a more gracious, beautiful, and far better constructed walkway. I will leave the naming, upon completion, to Movita's quicksilvered tongue.

We have left, as well, the exact planning and pattern completely in the hands of the professionals. And in that regard, the gods are looking down upon us with great kindness since the head of our landscape crew just happens to be the extremely talented artist, Chris Wallace. While it is a loss to the art world that he finds the need to be a seasonal worker for a number of months each year, it is certainly our gain. And his co-worker is excellent at helping complete the master plan. And, oh, on a more mundane note, it surely feels good to have someone else hauling the wheelbarrow loads, doing the digging, replanting, and dressing with bark mulch. That may be a sign that I am getting old.


Mrs. Otherford said...

Beautiful! And safe! I must confess that upon arriving at this lovely home for my first visit on December 27, 2007, I did think, "Oooooh, slippery!"

movita said...

I will name the walkway once I have tread upon it. I will name it with my quicksilver tongue. I will smash a bottle of champagne on it (like a cruise ship). I will not be stopped.