November 17, 2009

Phase 3

Done! When they drove away on this blustery November day, the border beds on either side of the walkway looked as though they had never been disturbed. The area was left in immaculate condition. We are ready for winter. I like this business of leaving yard work to the professionals.


Rebecca said...

What a beautiful walkway! I always enjoy seeing pictures of nicely manicured lawns and borders, especially since they are non-existent up here in the mountains where the critters eat everything!

Rosie Beaucoup said...

Oh, Rebecca, when you are the last house in a cul-de-sac that borders Nova Scotia forest, there are critters nibbling here too! In fact, the morning after the team had laid the gravel base, there were deer prints all down the walkway. Fortunately for us, they never eat a great deal. I made it a rule to never plant anything with edible berries or fruit and I put in lots of smelly things like lavender, scented geranium, and thyme - apparently they don't like perfumey odors around their buffet.
By the way, love your house, your property, your knitting, your blog.

movita said...

I live in the city.

We shoot trespassers.