November 11, 2009

The End of Litigation Lane

Eleven years ago, the house was built at the end of a cul de sac cut out of the forest. We were the only ones on the new section of "street" and it was wonderful to be surrounded by trees and ferns. A slate walkway leading to the front door,with creeping thyme growing between the stones, seemed so romantic and appropriate in this natural setting. Alas. The thyme didn't want to grow between the stones - just too wet and shady for an herb that loves dry heat. Moss liked it. And unwanted grass. And in places where neither took hold, rain storms drove the soil down the walkway and the resulting erosion made the lane uneven and, yes, a tad unsightly. Because slate is rather slippery when wet or icy, Movita has always referred to it as Litigation Lane.
Well, no more.

Yesterday, two very nice men arrived to remove the stones, assess the lay of the land, and spray orange paint to mark their vision of how the new pathway should evolve. This morning, eight inches of soil was removed and stockpiled for me off the driveway (good garden soil just waiting for lawn patching and planting in the spring).

The materials for the new walkway were delivered.

And Litigation Lane gets another lease on life.

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Though far less entertaining when we're watching people approach the house.