March 09, 2014

Double Knitting (Double Layer Knitting) Class

Friday evening ended with a beautiful late winter sunset.

And Saturday morning began with a trip to Lietash Farm for Nora's Agility Class.
On Sunday afternoon, I attended a Double Knitting class at Have A Yarn in Mahone Bay.
This sock is done in the double knitting technique. To me, it resembles a cross between a sock and a slipper. Double knitting results in a completely reversible garment, knit in two layers. I was quite taken with the sock, a mitten, and a bubble pattern scarf that were all on display. Angela, the instructor, was working on a gorgeous cowl.
I knew absolutely nothing about the technique beforehand but between Angela's class notes, and her narrative, the class proceeded in stages, and at a timely pace that really enhanced the learning experience. We all received ample individual attention. By the time the one day course was finished, although I was still somewhat clumsy, I certainly felt that I could, with a bit more practise, start a simple pattern. And we all agreed that Angela is an excellent instructor.


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movita beaucoup said...

I can't wait to receive my first double knitted gift!!