July 15, 2013

Cast Off!

Now,  how I wish "cast off" referred to a knitting project. Alas, it is an indication that the first phase of fracture recovery is over and the second - equally difficult phase - has begun. The wrist and hand are terribly swollen. There is very little range of movement in the wrist, hand, or individual fingers. All the joints feel as though they are cemented together!
It is going to take a lot of physiotherapy and a tremendous amount of work on my part to regain mobility. However, being able to knit and garden and travel again are great incentives. Pain is going to continue to be a constant companion but there will surely come a day when I can ditch it for good!
In the meantime, a lovely skein of yarn - ordered BFT (before the fall!) - arrived in the mail from The Plucky Knitter. I never tire of the work horse sock yarns like Opal, Regia, etc for knitting sturdy, dependable, highly washable socks. But every once in a while, it is interesting to try a something new from an independent dyer.

This is Plucky Feet - a generous 425 yards of a merino/nylon blend. The colour is Morticia.
I am going to moan and groan and retch and perspire through the hand and wrist exercises, knowing that one day, I will finally be able to hold a knitting needle in my left hand and cast on for a pair of socks.
I treated myself to a new summer purse this weekend. I figure something pretty over my right shoulder will detract from the not so good looking left arm! I found this at the Lady Luck Boutique in the Hydrostone district of Halifax. I always have - well - good luck in finding earrings, purses, etc. there.

(Photo Courtesy of Wonderful Brittany Ernst)
Beautiful Nora, now eleven months, is doing well in her dock diving class. In a couple of weeks, her brother, Martin, is going to be diving as well so it will be fun to see the siblings together in the water.

And this week, around the garden:
Goat's Beard
The Window Boxes
Clematis Niobe coming into bloom
And the roses are showing off.


Melissa said...


Congratulations on being 'cast off'! It's good to see that your passions--Nora, gardening and knitting--have not waned while you've been convalescing. I hope that the remaining stretch of your journey is not too painful. You're in my thoughts. Take care.


Brenda said...

So glad for you that at least the cast is off. Sending good thoughts for the rest of the process. I love your flowers, especially those gorgeous flower boxes.

heatherjay said...

Everything looks so lovely (except the swollen knuckles). Wishing you beautiful sights and many moments of relief.
xo hj