June 25, 2013

Nora Goes To The Cottage And Proves To Be A Champion Dock Diver

Woobie, Gracie, Emery, and Nora

Nora And Her Bestest Friends

Wet And Happy
(All photos courtesy of the brilliant Brittany Ernst)

Happy Day At The Cottage

Bombs Away!

 Off We Go


Then Action

Are You Guys Sure The Frisbee Landed Here?
Water Girl

Water Breezes 


Melissa said...


You just made my summer. What beautiful pictures of the little lady! She's so gorgeous and grown up looking!


rosiebeaucoup@blogspot.com said...

We have been so lucky, Melissa, to have connected with Brittany. She has a small daycare operation with many acres of woodland. She is young, enthusiastic, and spends an incredible amount of time not only training her own dogs but providing all the others with joyful play and excellent care. She has been a God send over the past few weeks as I cannot care for Nora or even play with her as the arm and hand are still so swollen and vulnerable. I don't know what we would have done without her.

movita beaucoup said...

That third photo needs to be blown up and hung over your bed!

heatherjay said...

Nora looks as if she packed a summer full of fun into one trip to the lake. I wonder what she would write on the back of the obligatory postcards.