June 12, 2013

A Forced Knitting Hiatus and Community Supported Agriculture

This is my hand, though I can barely recognize it as mine, as there is still so much swelling a week and a half after taking a very hard tumble. I had my feet (foolishly) on the coil of a long lead - the end of which was attached to beautiful, 57 pound, ten month old Nora. Nora heard a car coming up the drive and bolted happily toward it. My feet were swept from under me and I fell sideways with an equal amount of force in the opposite direction. The result is a rather complicated fracture with the tip of the radius fractured, the wrist bones compacted, and a small triangular shaped piece of the radius gone. This second cast extends to my elbow and the final course of treatment has not yet been settled upon.

Every knitter who reads this blog will understand how frustrating and sad it has been to have to set all my lovely yarn and works in progress aside for weeks on end. I am sure that every passionate knitter out there dreads the thought of a hand injury. But when it occurs, most of us will focus on what has to be done to enhance the road to recovery and, for the sake of those around us, keep the moaning and lamenting to a minimum!
Everyone has been sterling - from friends and family to the orthopaedic team at the QE11. Movita has given up so much of her personal time, just as her own gruelling school and work year has wound down, to either drive me around or chop vegetables at the kitchen counter! I manage surprisingly well but there are a number of things that require two hands!
On a far more positive note, today, Movita delivered our first Ironwood Farm food box of the season! This is a program of community assisted agriculture and our adult children paid the season fee as a Christmas gift for us and it is so much appreciated. Every week during the growing season, we receive a box of fresh produce from the farm. The box may be quite full, or not quite as full, depending on the weather and the other variables that our farmers have to work around to produce good quality organic food.
Visit Heather and Rupert's blog and look at their beautiful farm.
Such a gorgeous collection of vegetables inside The Box - including leaf lettuce and chard
Spring onions and white radishes
Beet Greens
And around our garden this week: 
The Chinese Tree Peony is in bloom
And the Percy Wiseman Rhododendron
The Little Princess Spirea
And the Jane Law Rhodo


movita beaucoup said...

Nice photos! Looks the people who love you have managed to give you a one-handed hobby to tide you over as you heal...


Brenda said...

Oh I feel so bad for you! I hope you heal quickly and that it is not too painful. I too took a tumble last week that blackened both eyes and sprained my wrist so I am also in a forced knitting break:) It's funny how much we take having two working hands for granted - at least you only need one hand to read a good book :)Best wishes to you. Brenda (knitterone)

Melissa said...

Dearest Rosie-

I was so sorry to hear of your fall but have complete faith in karma, and that all the good will that you've put out in the world will surround and take care of you over the next few months. (My Buddhist tendencies have grown since my trip to Nepal. Can you tell?) I'm a firm believer that life gives us lessons to learn (when we least expect or want them) so I'll be interested to see what replaces your passion for knitting.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.



Thank you, Brenda. I hope you make a speedy recovery. You are right about books. It is a great time to indulge in some guilt free reading time! I am on my third cast and it comes off in three weeks. I cannot move my fingers yet so the next three weeks had better result in a near medical miracle with the specialist telling me that knitting will be good therapy and to start right away!


Melissa, I loved your beautiful photos from Nepal. Thank you for sending them to me. What a fantastic adventure. It was great to prop my iPad up in bed and live vicariously through you. I so look forward to seeing you in Toronto when the worst here is over.