July 28, 2013

My "Gee, I'm Terrific" Awards

When our youngest was a preschooler, we used to read a story book about Jason Everett Bear, a little guy whose mother constantly told him that he was terrific. He used to award himself five stars when he thought he was especially terrific, which was pretty much all the time! Needless to say, he had trouble making friends because his boasting was unbearable (!) and Jason had to learn how to dial his self praise back quite a bit.

Well, I feel that I have exhibited what, for me, has been an enormous amount of patience during my plaster cast and post cast period. I have been doing my hand and wrist exercises faithfully, three times a day, and attending physiotherapy on a regular basis.

So when we took a day trip to Mahone Bay today, I rewarded myself with two balls of sock yarn and a new necklace. Yes, I know - that was the basis on which I purchased a sunhat and a new summer purse not that long ago but, listen, I am in a lot of pain doing those exercises and this wrist isn't the prettiest thing to ever hang at the end of an arm. In fact, it is a downright ugly and, like Jason, I feel I deserve rewards on an ongoing basis.

These balls of Royal Color Austermann sock yarn in colorway 0108 were a great find. The gals at Have A Yarn in Mahone Bay always do up swatches so you can see how the yarn knits up and I fell in love as soon as Karen pointed the swatch out to me.

And, yes, Hallelujah, I am knitting again! I call this photo The New Knitting because I don't allow myself any knitting time until I have completed a set of hand and wrist exercises (including the use of one and two pound weights). I can only manage about five rounds on a sock at a time. The fingers go numb and the hand aches. But it is a start and I never imagined I would be so grateful to be able to do so little!

It was too hot to take Nora with us today and leave her in the car while we had lunch so, being a One Year Old now, she stayed at home all by herself . Today was the longest we have ever left her and she coped beautifully. Such a good girl!

And here's the necklace. I found it in a little shop selling hand made jewelry on the main street. They had to shorten it by about 2.5 inches as most necklaces are too long for my rather short body.


movita beaucoup said...

Gee, you ARE terrific!

Brenda said...

You do deserve a treat (or two)! So glad you can at least knit a little at a time. I love the colors in that yarn so I searched on line for it. Alas, it was not to be found. No treats for me:(

Rosie Beaucoup said...

Brenda, I think that if you contact Heather at Have A Yarn, you could place an order with them. I had trouble getting it into the Ravelry database so it is obviously not readily available in North America.