November 04, 2012

Christmas at the Forum

This morning, I went to Christmas at the Forum, an annual Christmas sale held each year in Halifax. I haven't been to this particular pre-Christmas event in at least a decade. There certainly were a large number of vendors and lots of people browsing. While there wasn't much that interested me personally, I did make a couple of great finds.
The New Blue Birdhouse
The first is the Blue Birdhouse. The man who hand makes them (he had a variety of sizes and colors) told me that the roof is made from real metal roofing shingles and the key hanging at the peak of the house close to the roof is from the old post office in Fredericton, New Brunswick! I just love it.
And here's the second great find:
A block of tempered glass
that lights up at night with white mini lights inside!
The glass block has a large hole drilled in the back so a very small (20-25 bulb) set of Christmas mini lights can be inserted. The older couple selling the glass blocks pointed out that it could be used in so many locations inside the house. The ribbon can be changed to suit a variety of occasions, the color of the lights changed, and the block could also be used on a deck table on dark summer nights or to light the steps outside the front door. It is very pretty.

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