April 13, 2012

The March of the Ella Funts

A work in progress:

Pattern: Ella Funt
Designer: Pamela Wynne
Size: 3-6 months
Yarn: Dalegarn Falk and leftover yarn from other projects
Needles: Circular - 3.75 mm

This was to be my year for stranded knitting but, here it is April already, and I have not accomplished much. I love this little Ella Funt cardigan pattern and would happily do it again but most knitters would agree that doing stranded work on a flat piece is agony. Colored knitting was meant to be done in the round! My stitch tension suffers greatly on a flat piece and though most of it will block out nicely, I manage, in the round, to get a much more even gauge even before blocking.

Here's a little sweater for a three month old that I finished weeks ago and finally found just the right buttons for it while I was in Toronto. Now, I have a button jar with beautiful buttons but none of them seemed to be just right for this very plain little red sweater.  I am satisfied now that these ones are just right.

Now, if you want to look at some gorgeous sweaters, go to Laureus' blog and see if you don't end up in awe of his work and inspired to knit yourself a sweater!

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Ann said...

Thank you for visiting my blog & your lovely comment. I am also planning to knit a fair isle garment & steek it as one of my challenge this year. Love that little red cardigan.