April 20, 2012

Birthday Odds and Ends

Here are some of my favourite birthday things.
I chose three books for my birthday this year.

I wouldn't hestitate to buy any book on knitting, whether it is based on various folk patterns, Estonian lace, vintage socks, etc., written by Nancy Bush. She always presents a richly detailed history of the needlework, the photographs are excellent, and the patterns are not only based on original works but well written and oh, so doable! Folk Socks, (The History and Techniques of Handknitted Footwear) is an updated edition of her timeless classic and I am glad to have it on my book shelf now.

I chose Wendy Keele's Poems of Color (Knitting in the Bohus Tradition) because I wanted to add a book about Bohus knitting to my library of ethnic needlework. Although there are a number of patterns with well presented color graphs, I was as much interested in history of the Bohus tradition and how the traditional patterns could be adapted to modern clothing.

I rarely buy books just for the patterns. Experience has taught me that most books only have one or two patterns that really appeal to me (Nancy Bush's always the exception) so I prefer books with a few patterns and a great deal of information!
This is an exception. Connie Chang Chinchio's book, Textured Stitches (Knitted Sweaters and Accessories with Smart Details) has a number of sweaters and gloves that really struck a chord with me. In particular, I love the Anna Maria Cardigan, the Intagliata Henley, and the Gioielli Gloves.

I also love cards from France.

And sweet birthday greetings from a little French girl.

I love, as well, trips to Toronto and calls from Daughter Number 2, and the endless exasperation of getting gifts that are far too extravagant.
I love a pre-birthday dinner at Epicurious Morsels in the Hydrostone.
I love anticipating the marvelous birthday cake that Movita and 2.0 are bringing over this weekend and the mystery excursion they have planned.
I love calls and cards from a brother and sister who are much older and wiser than me.
I love Skype calls with Ms. Muggles and the Pink Princess.

And I love floral bouquets.


Melissa said...


You deserve all the bouquets, extravagance and love this birthday brings! Feliz compelanos!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Rosie, from 2.0's family!


Ah,thank you, Melissa. Next time in Toronto, we will be able to get together and have a great gnosh!


2.0's family is SO nice!