April 23, 2012

Introducing Eleanor

Yes, I know. She is large. Very large. 

Some would call her a consolation prize - since my dream of a rural property will never be realized.
Some would say she represents the love of wool fiber and the colors and textures of needlework.
Some would say she is very practical. She can go outside in the summer and never be attacked by coyotes. And fill an empty corner of the house in winter.
Some would consider her unusual. Well, we are an ever so slightly unusual family...
Then, again, I know someone with a wooden moose.


Melissa said...

I love your new friend, Eleanor. Now, if I come to visit, can I play with her? (Careful, I see her in a corner of my house, with my miniature sheep collection.)


p.s. Do you have any pictures of your birthday cake?


Well, Eleanor doesn't have a lot of conversation. She is good, quiet company but you will need the rest of the clan for play - i.e Wizard, Catan...
Movita's Marvelous Chocolate Cake is pictured on her blog. It was delicious, Melissa, and if you come, she will surely bake you a cake!