December 11, 2011

This And That

The Pink Princess would approve...

Old World Treats from an old, old booklet that comes out of the cupboard once a year...

Struggling with a neckline

I have made this little cardigan at least four times but, for some reason, I am having a dreadful time picking up the neckband stitches this time. I have picked them up and frogged them so many times that I am going to have to simply compromise now and forge ahead for fear of wearing out the yarn!

Pattern: Clown #05053 by Swedish Yarn Imports
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock (Natural) and Lang Jawoll (Navy)
Needles: Circular, 2.5 mm and 3.0 mm

Renovation Days 6 and 7


The electricians were here for two days, installing connections for pot lights and central fixtures, wall sconces in the stairwell, plugs, switches, dimmers, and cable outlet. They rewired the central vac outlet, installed an extra light in the laundry room, and, on their return after the gyproc is installed, will replace all the thermostats in the house with up-to-date, programmable ones, all the smoke detectors in the house (we did not know until recently that they should be replaced every ten years) and add an extra smoke/carbon monoxide detector in the laundry area. They are a great pair of young guys who check frequently to make sure we are on the same wavelength, report any placement problems, and offer advice and suggestions.

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