December 02, 2011

Basement Reno - The Early Days

Day One:
We have a very, very good feeling about Blunden Construction. The estimator, Mark, has been excellent to deal with and he makes a point of visiting the job site once or twice a day. He keeps the homeowners informed about exactly what will be happening each day and liases with all the trades and suppliers for us in the most efficient and easy manner.
A team arrived early and spent the day jacking the house up along the load bearing wall in the basement, using both wood and metal posts. An electrician was called in to unhook the central vac outlet, light switch, and thermostat - all of which were fastened to studs on that load bearing partition. A plumber came, dismantled the two baseboard water heaters and discovered the first (and hopefully) only problem - that those heaters were "looped" into the heater in the basement office. So additional plumbing work was required there but the problem was quickly resolved.

Day Two:

The team arrived at what will now be their usual time - 7 a.m. each morning! The better part of the day was spent installing the steel beam with a jack lift. Mark stressed that this beam preparation and installation is the most important and most difficult part of the project. It was a tricky manoever as the extremely heavy (600+ pound!) steel beam had to be snugged in beside the metal ducts of the ventilation system. They also started insulating and installing a vapor barrier between the cement pony wall and existing drywall.

Day Three

 Studding begins. We also asked this morning if an eavestrough problem outside the basement door could be resolved by the company while they were here. By mid-afternoon, they had an extension ladder on site and the offending eavestrough was hooked into a higher one that runs the length of the garage.

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