December 15, 2011

Dough Day

The door to the basement is taped as a reminder/warning that there is no longer a staircase on the other side! A lapse of memory could be painful, indeed. The staircase installer is due to arrive tomorrow afternoon.

Since I had to be on site all day as the various trades came and went and, since it was a raw, windy day, I decided it was a good time to set dough to rise.

Assembling the bread  - balls of dough, glazed cherries, pecans

One of my favourite sweet dough recipes is Bubble Bread (aka Monkey Bread - aka Hungarian Bubble Ring). No one else in the family cares for it very much but that doesn't discourage me. I can never understand older people who say "Oh, there's only George and I now. It's not worth the effort" or "There's only me now - hardly any point". It is worth the effort to surround yourself with the things you savour and enjoy.

Bubble Bread rising in a warm, draft-free location

Our stove has an oven "proofing" setting. The oven fan runs periodically to circulate the air. The oven light stays on at that setting and provides just enough warmth for the dough to rise. And you can see from the photo that it has risen considerably!

Out of the oven and glazed with a corn syrup/butter/vanilla mixture.
 The Bubble Bread only requires half the batch of sweet dough so I made a cinnamon/sugar/raisin loaf and a brown sugar/cinnamon/pecan loaf with the second half.

And since I was really on a dough roll, and the ingredients were lining the kitchen counters, I put together a pizza dough for supper.

With just enough time left over to finish off little socks for a Lunenburg baby boy.


Diane said...

I would love that recipe for the Bubble Bread...

Isa said...

I see that bread is really a family interest then!
These look yummy. Later, when the girls actually like sweet things rather than veggies and plain bread, then I will maybe give these a try. Or ship the girls to you!