February 11, 2011

Twisted Stitch Patterns

Designer: Karen Scott

Since I wanted to expand my knitting horizons this year, I cast on a sock in a twisted stitch design with lots of cabling to the back and front of the needles. This type of pattern is certainly popular now. Every day on Ravelry there seems to be more and more of them, but they are labor intensive and often not quite as flexible in terms of fit.
This particular pattern was nicely charted and easy to follow and I didn't have any problems with the fit as there is a reasonable amount of flexibility in the design. I think it is a good choice for someone who hasn't knit this type of design before.
And though it is very pretty, and I will enjoy wearing the socks on bright spring mornings with a pair of jeans, I would recommend spacing this type of project with a few easy "vanilla" sock patterns in between!
I cast on the second sock today as soon as the first one was off the needles lest I rationalize my way into having a rest and beginning another project instead!

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