February 03, 2011

Snow Days = Sock Knitting

We've had about 35 cm of snow over the last couple of days. And the forecasters are hinting at another 10-15 cm. on Tuesday. We will soon be hard pressed to find places to put it!

Adirondack Chairs in Snow

Finished: Basic Cabled Socks


Brenda said...

I am again inspired by a project of yours. I love these socks and printed the pattern. It is written for Magic Loop method which is what I use so this makes me happy. I have never done cables and this looks it might be the perfect project to try them on. Now to find the perfect yarn! The snow has been amazingly abundant here this year too - we hired a payloader to clear some of it away to get ready for the next storm!

rosiebeaucoup said...
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Thanks, Brenda. This is a good pattern to start with if you haven't done cables before. And the sock is a really comfortable one. I've done it with 72 stitches and smaller with 64 stitches. Please link me when you finish so I can see yours.