October 09, 2010

Red Is Best

What do you put with a deep, rich red baby sweater as a gift for little Sarah? - Why, Kathy Stinson's Red is Best !! As you can see, this is the 25th anniversary edition, so I think it has stood the test of time!
Kathy is a good friend of our own writer daughter so it seems even more appropriate to include it in the package.


movita's sister said...

Can I get a commission on your commission?

movita said...

Can I get a commission on your commission from the commission?

Kathy Stinson said...

Lucky Sarah Catherine - to be the recipient of such a gorgeous sweater! And of course I highly approve of your choice of literary supplement to your gift!

Personally autographed copies of the 25th anniversary edition of Red is Best - should you or your blog followers desire such a thing some time - are available at http://www.kathystinson.com/order.htm.

Happy reading, Rosie, and happy knitting too.