October 16, 2010

Halloween Bags 2010

Every year since we built this house, we have decorated and filled Halloween bags as treats for the neighbourhood children. The first year, we only had three little ones! And in the twelve years since then, we have seldom had more than thirty. Besides the candy, we always add a couple of stickers to each bag and a number of little tykes over the years have proclaimed that we have the best treats EVER! We've enjoyed watching all the little lions and bunnies and batmen and fairies in the neighbourhood grow taller and taller.

The front bags started off as simple orange ones from the Dollar Store and the brown bag in back is just a basic paper lunch bag from the grocery store. Add black, orange, and champagne gold stencil paint, along with a black ribbon and voila! - glitzy little parcels for Halloween treats.

1 comment:

movita's sister said...

They're lovely. I suppose whatever I give out this year will establish my rep for the future. So, Werther's sugar-free and edamame.