January 16, 2010

It Can Be Somewhat Addictive

Wrong Side:

Pattern: Mitten 18 - Mostly Mittens: Ethnic Knitting Designs From Russia
Designer: Charlene Schurch
Yarn: Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport
Colors: Pepper and Natural
Needles: 2.25 mm circulars for the cuff; 2.50 mm circulars for the mitten

Ann Feitelson, in her marvelous book The Art of Fair Isle Knitting, writes about her inability sometimes to set aside a stranded knitting project and go on to other activities as it is so rewarding to watch the pattern emerge from the needles. I heartily agree and though it is probably time to move on to other things, today I could not resist (after our usual Saturday outing to the Hydrostone neighbourhood in Halifax for lunch in one of our favourite restaurants, a pleasant chat in the yarn store, a browse in the little gallery, and a drive by of a house for sale that we covet a tad on Cabot Street), casting on.

Yesterday, this Norwegian knitting thimble arrived in the mail from the Yarn Barn of Kansas. It cost a grand total of $3.20 (American). I thought it was worth experimenting with the thimble for stranded knitting. It will take a great deal of practice as I am very much a right handed knitter and a wonky joint on my right forefinger makes it difficult for me to position it properly as an anchor for continental style knitting. It possibly could help with two handed knitting as one of my problems with continental is tensioning the yarn properly in the left hand. Although I am comfortable with my present method, I suspect I could be faster and more efficient if I held the yarn like "the big kids do".

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