January 27, 2010

How The Week Is Shaping Up

We paid a hospital visit to my much older brother this afternoon. Although he now has one less kidney, he looks at least 15 years younger than his actual age with hardly a wrinkle on his face. He gardens, makes pickles, treks into the woods with his sons during deer hunting season, and does the repairs and maintenance on both his home and summer property. Like his father before him, the work ethic is deeply ingrained in his psyche and his response to any kind of problem over the years has been to roll up his sleeves and tackle it with a vengeance. He'll come out of this okay. He raised six children and this is the stage in his life when the chickens (so to speak) come home to roost - though, in fact, they have never been far from the roost. His grown children and grandchildren constantly drift in and out of the house so he has a large and loving support system already in place. He will face this with the same determination he has demonstrated all his life.

The Trekking socks are finished and look a little rumpled because they haven't been blocked yet. The color is great for winter weekends and since Trekking is one of the work horses of sock yarns, they will certainly last for more than one winter.
A knitting sage once said that the best thing about finishing a project is the freedom to cast on another one so I have been mulling over which of these delicious yarns will wind their way around the needles next.

Yarn: Enchanted Knoll Farm EKF Fingering Sock Yarn (435 yards)
Color: Cornucopia - This would make either a great pair of socks or a very pretty scarf.

Yarn: Enchanted Knoll Farm EKF Fingering
Color: Araucana

Yarn: Dream in Color Classy
Color: Absolute Magenta
There are actually three skeins of this worsted weight in total and I think I see a scarf and pair of mittens.

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