February 11, 2009

Knittin' For Britain

Tom Arab, our former plumber, passed away last year. He was a lion of a man and someone we admired and respected a great deal. When the children were small, and we lived in the House of Perpetual Plumbing, Tom used to breeze in on a regular basis and when I had my needlework around, he would ask if I was "knittin' for Britain" - a refrain often heard during the war years!
Well, these mittens are the first of many pair being knit not for Britain but for next winter in Canada! I have started with a plain pair of worsted weight adult mittens in Cascade 200 wool but I truly covet the gloriously patterned Scandinavian and eastern European mittens I see on so many knitting blogs and on Ravelry. So here's hoping!

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