February 06, 2009

Finished Projects 2009

I have been struggling for a week now to get a Flickr badge imported to this blog with no success. I suspect it has something to do with security or other settings and can't wrestle the problem to the ground. In the meantime, the above photos are part of what I wanted to include in an ongoing "Finished Projects" badge.


movita said...

Such a cute, little red turtleneck!

Rosie Beaucoup said...

This one is a pretty tried and true old pattern. She is only just now heading into that size range of patterns that are really charming and chic. I hope my knitting and finishing skills continue to improve so she is the best dressed little two year old in old Lille next winter.

Rosie Beaucoup said...

Well, I should add that she will be chic, as well, because she is French and her French family will ensure that she wears her clothes with European charm and style.