April 24, 2007

The Global Family

How diverse in background are your family members, Rosie Beaucoup??
Rosie Beaucoup replies:
Besides France and Ireland, we have strong connections to South America. The beauties on the left are Iliana, Isabella and baby Madeline. The gorgeous elves on the right are Olivia and Joshua. All my great nieces and nephew via my sister Heather's branch of the family.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that Lincon is from China. By way of Cape Breton.

movita said...

And effie is part Siamese.

Chip said...

I (rudely, I'm sure) consider myself family and I hail from Alberta and have strong ties to Ireland by way of Irish pubs.


Well, of course I consider you a member of the family. Why you are not here on holidays has always befuddled me!
But, Dear Boy, Alberta?? Really??
Really?? I had no idea...
Well, there's no turning back now. If you ever decide to relocate, better head East. We have a much, much better sense of humour here.

Chip said...

Dear Rosie B.Coup,

Are you sure about that?