April 06, 2014

It Is Lucy's Birthday Today - Hurrah!

The Pink Princess is growing up. She is seven years old today!
So Here Are Seven Great Things About Lucy:
1. She has been bilingual for years and acts as a translator when her Canadian grandparents visit France.
2. She is a wonderful dancer. I love watching her dance with the Wiggles. She has long legs and all the moves. And a keen interest in ballet. 
3. She is a fine artist with a great sense of colour. She was creating multimedia projects when she was only four years old. I have her art on my walls.
4. She can read books really well all by herself now - and in two languages!
5. She is a wizard at math and can solve math problems before her aunties!
6. She can ride a two wheel bicycle and ski and skate.
7. She helps her little sister a lot. She is pretty and sweet and sensitive and funny and smart. She is a good traveller and much loved by all her family on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.
Happy Birthday, Lucy. May every day of the next year be an ice cream day!

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movita beaucoup said...

Happy birthday, Lucy!

I wish I could do math...